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The most complete package to kick start any online business.

Without monthly fees.

A cost effective solution for start-ups and small businesses who are tight on budget.

Your Business Rocks.

So why is your website not selling?

First off:  you are not alone.

Thousands of people just like you have great business ideas everyday, but when it comes to selling online, it just doesn’t work as planned.

You quickly see yourself in a position where you are passionate about your business, but it’s becoming too time consuming and/or draining all your financial resources.

Running a digital business is not as easy or simple as many people portrait nowadays.

It is competitive.

Even if you have the perfect product or service, at the perfect pricing point, you will face a lot of competition. Competition for people’s attention. They need to see you, find your product, discover why your product is great.

Once they find you, you need to convince them in just a few seconds. Seems impossible?

The only way to win in the digital world is to level up your game.

How it works in Three Simple Steps

Step 1.

We will look over your website and recommend changes in the layout, content or structure.

Step 2.

We will implement all tracking codes and setup conversion goals on your website.

Step 3.

We will implement your first set of digital ads and guide you on how to optimise those ads yourself.

Give your website a Kick Start!

You Still Under Control. No Recurrent Fees.

Just a Little Push.

You want to do things yourself. We get that, we have been there.

Digital Marketing is often portraited as a set of easy tasks anyone can do. That is true. In fact, you can find heaps of online tutorials on how to do most of these things.

Knowing how to use a hammer, doesn’t make you a builder.

The early stages of a business are tough. Trying to understand how digital marketing works while trying to manage your business is no easy task.

Even if you manage to learn how some digital marketing tools work, how can you tell if you have done it right?

That’s why we are here. To analyse and review everything you’ve done so far and grab you by your hand to point you in the right direction.

Main benefits of this package

What is included in this Package?

SEO and Website Analysis

Your website will be analysed by a professional and we will recommend changes and updates.

  • Overall website analysis including user experience and our suggestions of improvements
  • Activate Google Search Console
  • On-Page and Technical SEO Analysis
  • Video report with our analysis and what should be updated on your website to improve your position on search results and to improve your conversion rates

Analytics and Tracking

We will setup all necessary tools to help you understand more about your website and improve your ads performance.

  • Setup Google Analytics (Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4)
  • Setup Google Tag Manager
  • Setup Conversion Goals & triggers on your website
  • Create/Define Audiences
  • Install and setup Facebook Pixel

Digital Ads Setup

One of the Following Options

Google Ads

We will build your initial setup for Google Ads and teach you how to manage it by yourself afterwards.

Google Ads Logo
  • Setup conversion Goals and links to analytics
  • Import website audiences
  • Setup initial search, display campaigns and/or Local Campaigns
  • Keywords research
  • Define custom audiences
  • Write ads copy
  • Video tutorial guiding you on what to do moving forward to optimise Google ads yourself.


Facebook / Instagram Ads

Build your initial setup for Facebook/Instagram Ads and teach you how to manage it.

  • Build initial campaign
  • Connect Facebook Pixel
  • Goals Setup
  • Define Custom audiences
  • Build look-a-like audiences
  • Video explaining how Facebook Ads work
  • Video tutorial guiding you on what to do moving forward to optimise Facebook ads yourself.

How Much Does it Cost?

No monthly fees.
A simple one-off payment.

Option 1

w/ Google Ads
$ 1,400
  • SEO and Website Analysis
  • Analytics and Tracking Setup
  • Google Ads Setup

Option 2

w/ Facebook Ads
$ 1,200
  • SEO and Website Analysis
  • Analytics and Tracking Setup
  • Facebook/Instagram Ads Setup

Option 3

Combo Deal
$ 1,900
  • SEO and Website Analysis
  • Analytics and Tracking Setup
  • Google Ads Setup
  • Facebook/Instagram Ads Setup

Frequently Asked Questions

Start-ups, Small and Medium businesses who are struggling with their website to reach it’s full potential.

For website owners who, for some reason, can’t make their websites sell, either through digital ads, or SEO and want to carry on doing things themselves without committing to a monthly expense.

Being successful online means having everything working together. SEO, Ads, Analytics, and Goals should all communicate with each other in order to bring a positive ROI.

This package was designed to help boost your digital presence. All tasks included in this packages are essential for the success of any website, no matter how big or small. It will give you clarity on your website’s performance, and key points to improve, along with guaranteed improvements in you search appearance and performance of your ads.

If your business relies on your website, we strongly recommend all of this tasks to be done. If not by us, by any other digital marketing specialist.

Having a professional looking over your website to point out issues and to help you setup your digital ads correctly at the beginning of your journey can save you a lot of money.

Digital ads may look cheap at the first glance, but they can quickly sum-up and burn your money.

This package was designed to help you avoid wasting money by ruling out all initial mistakes most new businesses will face when jumping into the digital marketing world.

Both Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram Ads can perform well for most businesses, depending on the strategy used.

If you are not sure which one is better for your business, we have put together an article to help clarify which one may be better for you.

You can read the article here: Google Ads vs Meta Ads

Or you can always contact us and we will help you figure out which one is the best option for your business, product or service.

Most start-ups and small businesses have the same problem: Cashflow. At early stages of any business, it’s quite hard to predict if you have enough money to commit for a monthly fee.

The initial setup of a website or digital ads, on the other hand, is where most businesses fail and lose a lot of money.

To help businesses at this stage, we have designed this package that will help you avoid wasting money over this critical phase, while leaving you in control of your ads, expenses and strategy.

We will give you only a little push into the right direction.

No. That’s why we don’t have any recurrent fees.

We will setup your initial ads based on your product/niche and according to our expertise and strategies. 

Once the ads are set, you will receive a comprehensive video of what we have done and what you must do moving forward to optimise.

You stay in control.

That depends on your needs, and how your website was built.

Our aim is to deliver all orders within one week.

What is not included in this package?


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