Digital Marketing Foundation Training

Marketing Agency or In-House Marketing team?

Most business owners who are not familiar with digital marketing don’t know what to answer to that question.

That’s why we have prepared our Digital Marketing Foundation Training.

With our foundation training you will be able to understand what are the advantages and disadvantages of each option and decide on your own what’s the best option for your business.

Hiring a marketing agency is not as easy as it sounds. Well, the hiring part is easy, but how would you know if they services are up to your standards as a brand and most important, how will you be able to check their performance and where they are failing?

Understanding the Foundations of Digital Marketing is essential.

As a business owner or marketing director, you have to be able to evaluate other people’s jobs and results.

Digital Marketing Foundation Training

Should you have a website and jump into the digital marketing world?

Will it bring any actual result to your business?

The answer is maybe. At F2F Digital we believe that any marketing effort has to be done with planning and strategy, and building a website is no different.

Simply having a website and doing nothing else about it is very likely to bring you little to no results at all. Having a website doesn’t mean instant success, and is not a “get rich fast scheme”.

To bring actual results to your business a website must meet certain criteria.

The good news is that meeting these criteria is not as hard as it sounds.

We are specialists in Digital Marketing Training aimed to make your business successful.

You may have searched online for digital marketing, websites, analytics, google ads and others, most people have done the same. The result? An overwhelming amount of information, hard to understand and, sometimes, even misleading.

We are here to show you that Digital Marketing is definitely not as complicated as it appears – that’s why we are all being bombarded by the so called “marketing gurus” everywhere we look.

We are here to understand your business needs and actually tell you everything you need to know about digital marketing from a business owner perspective, enabling you to take the best decisions – digital marketing wise – and be confident you are going in the right direction for your business, and not just throwing money out of the window.

Our training is 100% focused and designed to your business needs.

Our Digital Marketing Training for Businesses

Digital Marketing Foundation

Who is this training recommended to?

Business owners, Marketing Directors or Managers who have no experience with Digital Marketing and the Digital world in general.

Objective of the Course:

Provide a general basic knowledge about how digital marketing works, what are the possibilities, how to identify what are your companies needs in term of digital marketing and which tools you should be looking at.

At the end of this course, the idea is that the business owner or manager becomes fully capable of understanding how digital marketing works, enabling them to make the best move when deciding to jump into the digital world, either choosing a Digital Marketing Agency to do the hard work, or hiring/assigning an existing team member to do the task.




One full day or Two half-days

(we are flexible to work with your schedule)

Topics Covered

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We believe in-house training is the best way to have an immersive learning experience. This enables us to have the training 100% tailored to achieve your company goals.

Of course. All our trainings can be done online. We have successfully helped businesses from everywhere, not only in New Zealand.

Yes. 1-on-1 training is our standard, but we know some businesses require more than one team member to be upskilled at the same time. Prices and duration of the courses may vary according to the number attendees to ensure they can all absorb the training content.

If you need further training, congratulations, you are amongst the top players in digital marketing! 

We do not recommend further paid training for anyone on this level (with us or with an external provider). They are very unlikely to give you any extra insight.

If you achieved an advanced level, you must be capable of designing your own strategies, evaluate what works, what doesn’t and know how to overcome day-to-day issues.

If you are still facing specific challenges and/or need more guidance, you can always contact us for our consulting programmes.

Of course! Before the training we usually book a meeting to understand more about your business operations’, objectives, what you want to achieve, how you are currently achieving your goals and what problems you are having.

On our foundations curse we will also have an open conversation to whether digital marketing is something that can help your business and if it’s worth pursuing that path.

The training itself, no. This training will open your mind for the digital marketing world, at the end you will be able to take advantage of all tools the digital marketing world has to offer, and these tools yes, can bring you direct results in sales.