What do we do

The marketing field is constantly changing. Making it harder even for us, professionals, to keep up with all new tools created everyday.

Inspired by this ever-changing tech world, F2F is here to help small and medium sized business and entry-mid level professionals to understand more about digital marketing, enabling them to achieve outstanding results.

We believe marketing doesn't have to be complicated...
... And you should be able to understand what goes on.

We are not a marketing agency. We provide training, coaching and marketing consultancy services. We are here to help you understand all the in’s and out’s of the Marketing world and be prepare you to take full control over your marketing decisions and rest assured you are following the best practices to achieve your desired goals – either by contracting an outsourced marketing agency or developing your in-house team, you should be able to understand what they do, ask the right questions to ask and be able to give them exact instructions to what you need. And this is what we are here for.

Who we are

Fabio Spiandorelo, the founder of F2F Digital, is a Marketing expert, who have had over 10 years of Marketing experience, working for small, medium and multinational companies. Born in Brazil, Fabio’s background includes over 6 years of studies in marketing, business and communications.

The first thing Fabio learned when moved to New Zealand was how easy it is for anyone to start their own company. Only then he realised the negative side of it. Most new business owners are usually not prepared to keep-up with their marketing demands, either by not having resources or by not having the necessary skills to do so.

Fabio then founded F2F Digital, a company focused in helping these people to understand how marketing works and how they can take advantage of the many marketing tools we have available these days, from newspaper ads to digital marketing, F2F helps these businesses to understand the pros and cons of each media, and how to leverage each of them to maximise their results while reducing money-wasting marketing actions.

Today, F2F Digital has grown it’s team, have partners all around the country, and has been successfully helping New Zealand businesses to thrive with well tailored marketing strategies that make sense for their business model and not simply wasting resources on unthoughtful marketing actions.