Who we are

Founded in 2020, F2F Digital is a digital marketing agency based in Invercargill New Zealand, providing SEO, Digital Ads Management, Website Analysis and all other related services to help small and medium business owners to grow their business presence in the digital space.

After over 12 years working with Marketing for large, medium and small companies, Fabio Spiandorelo, the founder of F2F Digital is a marketing expert who has seen it all when talking about marketing – From small campaigns to large public corporate events.

It was in digital marketing that he found his passion, and a way to do what he enjoys most: to help small businesses grow.

Fabio Spiandorelo
F2F Digital Founder

Connect with our founder:

Digital Marketing is probably the most fascinating human invention in terms of marketing since 'business cards'.

If done right, Digital Marketing has the power to enable all businesses, no matter how big or small, to increase their visibility and be found by customers all around the globe without spending astronomical figures.

Our Mission

In simple words: To empower small and medium businesses in New Zealand.

We live in a very competitive scenario, especially in New Zealand where new businesses emerge every day. Looking to help these businesses to achieve their goals and thrive in the digital space, F2F Digital is here.

Small and medium businesses suffer from a common pain: the lack of know-how and/or the lack of financial resources to build a full marketing strategy. When talking about marketing, every penny counts, and knowing where and how to spend the marketing budget is essential to achieve a positive ROI.

It is not uncommon to see businesses spending all their money in marketing campaigns that have no impact, or don’t attract one single customer. This is frustrating, we get that and we have been there ourselves.

We are here to change that, giving our clients a full spectrum of how marketing works and why digital marketing may be the best option for small and medium businesses looking to grow without spending all their money in ineffective campaigns.

How do we do it?

Being transparent and honest, that’s our motto.

We are not here to take money out of our clients, we are here to make their website generate profit, either through direct sales or leads.

We care about each one of our clients as their businesses were ours. We never make our clients spend more money than they have to, or that they can afford, even if that means breaking our partnership.

Digital Marketing is all about making sure you aim high and you aim right, we do our best to ensure our clients are targeting their right audience and reaching the most potential customers as possible within their budget.

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