Increase the ROI of your Google Ads Campaigns with a professional Manager

Google Ads are surely one of the best tools around to boost your website sales or acquire new leads. Although Google is always improving their interface, having a proper Google Ads Manager taking care of your account can maximise your profits, minimise your expenses on bad search terms and improve the overall performance of your digital campaigns.

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Google Ads Manager Partner

Setting up Google Ads campaigns can be an overwhelming task. The platform offers a wide range of options and settings that if chosen poorly, can really hurt where it hurts most, in your pocket.

Having a Google Ads Manager Partner is the best way to ensure you making the most out of your campaign’s budget, and avoid spending money on the wrong keywords or placements that are simply not effective for your business.

We are proud of being one of the official Google Ads Partners in New Zealand.

This means we manage client’s accounts every day. We are 100% into the platform, up to date on Google’s latest releases, updates and able to ensure your account stays healthy and performing at maximum capacity at all times.

What is a Google Ads Manager?

First we have to say: Having a Google Ads Manager, actively looking and optimising your account and campaigns is 100% optional. Although it is recommended.

As we mentioned earlier, Google is always trying to improve their systems by making them more user friendly, so the need of a Google Ads Specialist is reduced. 

Similarly to hitting the nail’s head, anyone is able to do it, but someone who does that every day for a living will surely be more precise and effective in hitting the nail.

With Google Ads is no different. 

A Google Ads Manager is a professional who will manage your Google ads account. They will know at a glance what needs to be improved, where to fine-tune and what are the best strategies for you to achieve your desired campaign objectives.

Anyone can achieve success with Google Ads campaigns, but ‘amateur managers’ can take a while to figure out exactly how to improve its performance, which means losing money over this period until they really reach a good return over your investments.

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Make the most out of your Google Ads Campaigns

Why are Google Ads Campaign so effective?

In short, instant results. Google has a market share of about 91% of all web searches on the internet. This means almost everyone uses the search engine on a daily basis, looking for products, services and information.

Google Ads are ideal to boost your website to the top ranking positions on Google and become more discoverable by potential customers. The platform was designed to work on an auction format, where the advertiser (you) only pays whenever someone clicks on your ad and visits your website. The more competitive your niche is, the most expensive will be the cost per click on your ad.

By far, the best thing about Google Ads is that you actually define whichever budget you want to spend. Since every click you receive will cost somewhere between $0.50 and $5+, you can decide your total budget and get more or less clicks based on it. For example, if a click on your ad costs $1, and your daily budget is $5, this means you will receive 5 clicks per day, for as long as your campaign is active.

Once the user clicks on the ad, it is only up to your website to bring the relevant content, product or service to get a sale!

Your Google Ads Partner

At F2F we go beyond just managing your Google Ads. We care about you achieving the results you need.

This means that on top of guaranteeing you will have a specialist managing your Google Ads campaigns, we will analyse your results, the visitor behaviour on your website and send you suggestions on what should be improved on your website to actually generate you leads/sales.

Google ads is a gateway, our job as your Google Ads manager is to make sure only the right people comes through that door. 

Going beyond, we ensure you receive enough insights and tips on how to maximise the conversion rate once the visitor is navigating through your website.

How are your Google Ads Campaigns Doing?

Let us know how your campaigns are performing.

Perhaps we can help you increase your ROI and generate more sales without spending more money.

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