Marketing Consulting

Feeling lost about marketing?

Well, you are not alone. Most business don’t really understand the in’s and out’s of marketing and how everything works.


In fact, it is understandable. Marketing in general has changed a lot in the past decades with the popularization of internet. What used to be simple has now become more complex.


Nowadays, placing an advert on a Newspaper as a single marketing activity will barely bring any results to your business. Why? Because today people have more access to information than ever. Even if they see an advert on Newspaper, it is very likely they will research your brand/company online before purchasing what you are selling.


Today’s purchasing decisions goes way beyond their need for the product. People look for ‘personal’ connections with the company, either by reading other customers reviews, your social media presence, or how you communicate to your target audience. Price is not the only reason why people give up on buying your service/product anymore.

Taking full advantage of the new era of Marketing

Having a strong brand, a well-positioned marketing strategy both online and offline are key ingredients for a company looking to grow. A full marketing mix is essential if a company wishes to step-up their game and stand-out against their competitors.


Digital Marketing has it’s pros and cons, as any other offline marketing activity does. It sure is more time consuming than placing ads on the Newspaper or Radio.

That’s because digital marketing medias opened a door that had been left closed by the offline medias for years. And behind this door are TARGETING and METRICS.

Targeting is the main benefit of digital marketing channels. In the past, if you had a very local company, working only within your region, why would you advertise on TV or National Radio stations? A company would rely almost exclusively on local newspapers and maildrops.


Digital marketing unleashes the power of targeting, so now instead of advertising based on suppositions, companies can actually define WHERE they want to advertise and WHO their targeted audience is. This, in most cases, is translated to a better spent budget and better conversion rates, since only people who are ‘more likely’ to purchase your product or service will see your advertising.

Marketing Consulting

What's the catch?

Although it all sounds beautiful on paper, in reality, achieving decent marketing results is not as simple as it sounds. That is because of how the technology behind it works, and how digital media companies (such as Google and Facebook) make money.


Giving you the best results is NOT their primary interest. Their primary interest is to be profitable, and if every company learns how to best optimise their digital marketing channels, they wouldn’t put so much money on these platforms, therefore reducing their profits.


That’s why we recommend every business owner / managers to AT LEAST understand how everything works so they are able to evaluate whether their digital marketing results are performing at full potential.


If you have little to no knowledge about digital marketing, we offer a digital marketing foundation training that may be of your interest and is apart from our consulting services.


Our Marketing Consulting Services

At F2F we are not only specialised in Digital Marketing, and able to share with you all the in’s and out’s of how this whole new marketing world works, but we are also specialist in general marketing and business. We believe to achieve greatness in marketing is not a matter of pumping-up a few ads around and forget. We believe companies have to design a full 360º marketing strategy, covering all the touch-points a soon-to-be customer may be and make the best use of all marketing tools available.


Maybe digital marketing isn’t even something your company needs to worry about, maybe you are spending way too much in the wrong marketing channels. Maybe you’ve had very bad experiences with marketing agencies in the past and do not believe in marketing anymore. You may be right, or you may be wrong. We are not here judge, we are here to help you find a definitive answer to all your questions related to marketing aligned to your business model.

How it works?

From day one our consulting is focused on your business model and products. 


  • First Meeting – It’s all about your company

On our first meeting we’ll focus in understanding what your business do, who are your targeted customers, which products you offer, your company history, and identify which processes you have in place.


  • Our Homework
We will then get back to do our homework. We will analyse everything we can from a customer point of view. This involves looking through your company’s website, social media, newspaper articles you may have appeared, all other communications you have been doing with your customers (how and which channels you use to communicate with them), flyers, brochures, booklets, everything. This will enable us to fully understand your marketing activities and where we see you could improve.
  • Our pre-assessment

After our homework is done, we will send you a pre-assessment based on what we discussed and what we could see from all your current marketing activities and processes.


  • We meet again

With our home-work done, it’s time to talk about our pre-assessment and fill any gaps we may still have.


  • Our Marketing Strategy

Now its time for us to put together a full marketing strategy for your company. We will bring you useful insights on what we believe are the best tactics and tools you should use to achieve the best results.


  • Comprehensive instructions

With a marketing strategy in place, we will define together how and where to start and guide you throughout the process. Either by hiring marketing agencies or training your own personnel, we are here to help you turn the strategy into real actions and start seeing results.


  • Follow-up

We believe Marketing is not about placing ads and leaving the rest for luck. For any marketing strategy to work, both you and us need to follow-up on results and fine-tune whenever necessary. Marketing is not simple math, there are human factors involved and we will help you understand and fix all issues that we may find along the way.

Needing guidance with your marketing demands?

We are here to help!